Celebrating Biodiversity: Blackbough Swim's Bambi’s Ballet Collection Shines a Spotlight on the Endangered Philippine Spotted Deer

Proceeds from the Collection to Benefit Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Going beyond creating 100% of its swimwear from recycled fabric and using biodegradable packaging, we continues to lead impactful initiatives for a greener world. Just recently, we had our second coastal cleanup, removing a truckload of plastic waste from the area surrounding a sea turtle sanctuary in Bacnotan, a coastal town in the Philippines, as well as donating over $1,000 for Project CURMA’s sea turtle conservation program, following its Earth Day fundraiser sale.

By collaborating with Inya De Vera, we merge art with conservation, actively contributing to the protection of wildlife. The collection not only features our signature buttery-soft swimwear, but it also expands to include stylish apparel and accessories. The true star of the collection is De Vera’s hand-painted design of the Philippine Spotted Deer, one of the most endangered deer species in the world, integrated into the collections’ prints.

The Philippine Spotted Deer (Rusa alfredi), also known as the Visayan Spotted Deer, is a vulnerable deer species endemic to the Visayas, Philippines. This species of deer plays a significant role in the Philippines and is marked as a cultural keystone species, found in mythologies and folklore of the indigenous people, and considered sacred to some. Deer are vital for maintaining healthy ecosystems, and their conservation urgently needs our support. This serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of our natural environment, and the role we play in nurturing it back to balance.


From Coastline to Treeline

More than just an artistic depiction of the Philippines’ biodiversity to Blackbough’s international community, The Bambi’s Ballet Collection is hallmarked by its call to action, where 15% of net profits of the collection pieces with De Vera’s illustrations will be donated to the Talarak Foundation from June 3-17, 2024. Each bikini purchased from the collection contributes to maintaining and protecting the Philippine Spotted Deer. we proudly partners with the Talarak Foundation, a championing restoration organization based in Negros Occidental. The foundation is dedicated to preserving and restoring endangered species endemic to the region, making this collaboration a significant step in environmental awareness.


Established in 2010 by Fernando Gutierrez and Pavel Hospodarsky, the main mission of the Talarak Foundation is to protect populations of regionally endemic species through education, research, habitat restoration, and development of sustainable livelihoods for the local community. From classrooms to nature reserves and forest parks to the wild, their team works diligently to push forth their vision of fostering harmony between communities and wildlife, protected and thriving in the West Visayas faunal region.

This strong call for sustainability comes with our commitment. Blackbough’s Chief of Brand, Beatrice Esguerra said, “By combining art with conservation, we're not only showcasing the beauty of our wildlife but also actively contributing to its protection. We're proud to support their vital work in preserving endangered species and habitats in the Philippines."

Matthew Ward, Executive Director of the Talarak Foundation added, “Conservation cannot be done alone, and this collaboration is a beautiful example that will significantly aid our efforts. This partnership not only brings attention to the urgent need for conservation but also inspires a deeper connection with our natural heritage.”


Art For Advocacy

Inya De Vera is a visual artist and a lifelong learner who longs to showcase Philippine biodiversity through imaginative and ornate depictions. Her dreamy visions of flora and fauna are influenced by traditional medical and botanical illustrations, typographic elements, and textile art.

“I was thrilled to collaborate on this project with Blackbough to spread awareness about the beauty and uniqueness of these species, which unfortunately need help with conservation. Through this collaboration, I hope we can raise awareness and contribute to the efforts needed to protect this vital cause,” shares De Vera.

Thea Set and Tote Bag


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