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We are commited to


At Blackbough Swim, we're committed to environmental responsibility through mindful business practices. Since 2021, we've proudly created our new swimwear line from recycled fabric. Our commitment to sustainability extends to biodegradable and reusable packaging, and strategic stock management to minimize waste. Our passionate team leads impactful initiatives, including coastal cleanups in the Philippines, shaping a cleaner world, one coast at a time.


At Blackbough Swim, each piece goes through a meticulous journey filled with creativity, dedication, and care. From creative ideation to testing to production, every step is carefully crafted to create sustainable, long-lasting, high-quality, and perfectly-fitting pieces that you can love and wear for years to come.

In 2021, we took a bold leap towards sustainability by using recycled nylon or recycled polyester for our swimwear. Today, 100% of our swimwear collection is created from recycled fabric.

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Crafted by you, for you

Our community is the heart of Blackbough. We take time to listen closely to your feedback, reviews, and comments. Your insights are integrated into our research and development, helping us bring your dream pieces to life. By actively engaging and listening to our community, we aim to deliver the highest quality swimwear that endures over time, ensuring your dream pieces last for years to come.

Mindful Production Practices

We incorporated direct-to-fabric printing into our production processes which minimizes water waste while ensuring efficiency. Through meticulous data analysis and strategic ordering, we are mindful that our production quantities meet customer demand, minimizing excess stock.

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Planet-Friendly Packaging

Since 2019, we've proudly embraced 100% biodegradable mailer bags and biodegradable reusable ziplock bags. We also offer the option to use less packaging, encouraging our customers to make environmentally-friendly choices.


Here is an initiative driven by our passionate team.
We look forward to doing more:

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In an inspiring display of environmental advocacy, over 170 volunteers united with Blackbough Swim to remove a truckload of trash from the nesting beaches of endangered sea turtles in Bacnotan, La Union. The one-day coastal cleanup to mark Earth Month celebrations underscored our dedication to ecological preservation.

Beyond the beach cleanup, the Blackbough Swim community made an impact from all over the globe. We ran a fundraiser sale ‘Earth Day 2024 Collection’ for CURMA for the month of April. Each sale of two bikini sets supported a day of care for rescued sea turtles in La Union, Philippines.

Learn more about our coastal cleanup here.



At Blackbough Swim, we're not just a swimwear brand; we're ocean advocates. In recent years, there is no doubt that Siargao, Philippines has gained worldwide popularity as a tourist and surf destination, and has also received its fair share of environmental impact.

Last September 2023, the Blackbough team, along with the local government unit and 150 dedicated local volunteers, partnered up for a coastal cleanup to fill up 100 sacks of trash. This event is a part of our ongoing sustainability journey, aligned with our goal of creating a world where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters are a reality and not just an ideal.In September-October 2023, we launched a tip option at checkout for customers worldwide to join our coastal clean-up mission. Blackbough Swim pledged to match donations, amplifying our efforts. Together, we're committed to creating a concrete and long-lasting positive impact on our environment.

Learn more about our coastal cleanup here.


Our handwoven beachwear is specially created by Abel Iloco, a local weaving group from Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philippines. The community specializes in handweaving Filipino traditional textiles called inabel, which have been used in our Good Stuff and Summer Romance collections.

Read the full story on Abel Iloco here.



Our handwoven beachwear are specially created by Abel Iloco, a women's weaving community from Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philippines. The Abel Iloco community skillfully hand-weaves natural fibers into traditional textiles called "inabel," carrying on a cultural tradition spanning generations. Through our collaboration making handwoven products for our Good Stuff and Summer Romance collections, we aim to support their weaving culture and small-batch, natural fabric products.

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