As Blackbough continues to grow, it’s important that we make sure our actions represent our values. We believe that Blackbough’s opportunity for impact is two-fold: sustainability and advocacy. 

We are commited to


Our business practices revolve around creating a better environment—from using recycled nylon, investing in ethical factories, repurposing scrap fabric to accessories, to incorporating recyclable and reusable packaging options. In Blackbough, we choose the alternative that works best for both our customers and our planet.


The Blackbough Team is full of young, passionate individuals that contribute to causes that help improve our environment, specifically in conserving marine life and preserving their environments.


Every Blackbough bikini undergoes a meticulous journey, reflecting our steadfast dedication to crafting enduring quality just for you. Our ultimate aim is to create bikinis that stand the test of time, providing you with long-lasting, high-quality swimwear that you can enjoy for years to come.

Designed to Last

Our customers are the heart of our brand.

We value your input and listen closely to your desires by meticulously reviewing customer feedback and engaging with messages and comments across all our platforms. These insights guide our process as we bring your ideal Blackbough piece to life – from crafting patterns and designing prints to creating prototypes. Through a series of rigorous wear tests and refinements, our goal is clear: to ensure your swimwear not only imbues confidence and boasts a flattering fit but also stands the test of time. Every Blackbough suit is thoughtfully crafted for enduring wear, reflecting our commitment to creating pieces that you'll cherish and return to time and time again.

Not only do we make it a point to produce only the quantities that we need, an estimated 80% of all our swimwear is made with fabrics that utilize recycled nylon.

Direct to Fabric Printing

Our custom designs are printed directly onto the fabric, instead of using dyes. This ensures a lot less water waste and usage in the process. We also practice mindfulness by controlling the amount of fabric produced. We try our best to only print what is needed, and never in excess.

Calculated Quantities

Our approach to initial orders for new styles and prints is rooted in the analysis of past collections' data, mitigating the risk of excess stock. Re-orders are strategically initiated only when styles or prints are sold out, and only when substantial demand is evident. We work closely with several long-term manufacturing partners to ensure our swimsuits are produced in conditions that adhere to our standards.

Recycling & Upcycling

In the event we do have extra fabric, we breathe new life into them. During production, stock fabrics are used in our sampling process for new designs, instead of wasting new bolts of fabric. Scrap fabrics are turned into accessories such as scrunchies and headbands, further minimizing our fabric waste.

Planet Friendly Packaging

Since 2019, we’ve opted for 100% biodegradable and reusable packaging. We also offer our customers the option to use even less packaging with their orders.

At Blackbough, our decisions are guided by our desire to provide our customers with high-quality pieces while remaining sustainable and ethical.


Here is an initiative driven by our passionate team.
We look forward to doing more:



At Blackbough Swim, we're not just a swimwear brand; we're ocean advocates. In recent years, there is no doubt that Siargao has gained worldwide popularity as a tourist and surf destination, and has also received its fair share of environmental impact. Last September 2023, the Blackbough team, along with the local government unit and 150 dedicated local volunteers, partnered up for a coastal cleanup to fill up 100 sacks of trash. This event is a part of our ongoing sustainability journey, aligned with our goal of creating a world where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters are a reality and not just an ideal.

We are also opening a checkout tip so that you, from wherever you are in the world, can pitch in. Every donation made in September will be matched by us, doubling our efforts. Together, let’s make a concrete and long-lasting impact in protecting our source of inspiration.

Learn more about our coastal cleanup here.

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Your purchase can help save the sea and our coasts!

10% of net profits from the Earth Day 2024 Collection will go towards Project Curma, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding sea turtles and their habitats, until April 30.

That means that for every 2 sets of bikinis from this Earth Day 2024 collection will go towards 1 day of care and rehabilitation for an average of 60-70 sea turtles on the shores of La Union, Philippines.

Learn more about our initiative here.


Our handwoven beachwear is specially created by Abel Iloco, a local weaving group from Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philippines. The community specializes in handweaving Filipino traditional textiles called inabel, which have been used in our Good Stuff and Summer Romance collections.

Read the full story on Abel Iloco here.


In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we pledged $5 for every swimsuit sold from our Zooted collection (from April 12 to 22) to support the reforestation efforts of The Canopy Project. We raised enough to plant 4,720 trees around the globe!

Learn more about The Canopy Project by EARTHDAY.ORG here.


Coop's Advice is a foundation created to bring awareness to the stigma around mental illnesses and addiction. In support of their cause and together with Emma, 5% of the sales from our Emma Brooks collab collection during the first month will be donated to their organization.

Learn more about Coop’s Advice here.