Founded in 2017 with the desire to discover the perfect, no-nonsense bikini for lounging on the beach, Blackbough Swim was born.

I started Blackbough Swim from my bedroom. All our teams from design, marketing, production, etc. began as a team of one. I am incredibly grateful to those who have supported the growth of this team into the beloved brand it is today. I can't wait for you to try my designs and experience the warmth and beauty of the tropics through these pieces!

Designed For The Tropical Soul

Your Second Skin

We make triple-lined, buttery soft bikinis. We source our fabrics from trusted, high-quality suppliers and our suits go through multiple iterations and revisions to ensure durability. If you look good and feel great, then we've done our job.


Your Earth Ally

We're all about fostering a better environment through our business practices. From using recycled fabric for our swimwear to using 100% biodegradable packaging, we're on a never-ending quest to choose the greener option every chance we get.



Every body is a bikini body. We make our swim as a vibrant and joyful celebration of different bodies. Our hope is to inspire confidence in every tropical soul.


Made in the sunny side

What began as a team of two has expanded into the vibrant Filipino team you see today. Our collective dedication to work and doing what we love revolves around providing the best experience for swimwear lovers all over the world. And yes, we work by the beach whenever we can!

Despite all the difficulties 2021 brought, I’m proud to say that Blackbough was able to hit several major milestones.

From doubling our team and ending the year with 26 employees, to settling into our new office, to having collabs with people whom I just used to fangirl over and pin on Pinterest, we ended the year on a great note. We wouldn’t have made it through without your support, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking it out with me.

In celebrating the new year, I wanted to share a bit more about my business and our future plans.